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Saturday, December 08, 2001

a slick, enjoyable site i discovered not more than twenty minutes ago. i thought dinah was new to blogging (because of her 1:27pm, 07.12.01 post), but click on her archives and you'll find she's been keeping a blog since 07.03.00.

NB - my connection dropped as i was writing this entry - it's been a few hours since i wrote '...not more then twenty minutes ago...'

cooties at 7:39:00 AM
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Friday, December 07, 2001
Hi everyone!!!!

Just wanted to say that this thing really seems to be taking off!!! Woo-hoooo!!! It's really cool to check out the Z-Listers and see they've already linked their buttons. Mind if I address a couple of things?
First, there are so many people to thank. It's one of those things where the only way to properly thank everyone would be to take every link to the left and every one in the forum and make a massive thank-you list.
The people that built this page (and those who inspired it to be built, supported the idea, came up with the idea, or just stumbled in for a drink) are all of us. It's a culmination of everyone, really.
There's a bit of confusion regarding how this Z-List thing works, and it's my fault for confusing you. On that note, I'd like the opportunity to confuse you more. You don't have to register with EZ-Board to be a Z-Lister. Hell, you don't even need a button. You don't even need to read this!!! All you have to do is be yourself and do your own thing.
Yeah...EZ-Board. It ain't that easy, is it? Well, I'm hoping this weekend to take care of some of the things that are going on with it, like paying to get rid of those popups (whoever invented the popup is on my short-list), do some general maintenance to the board, and putting in a suggestion box so you have a place to leave ideas. It's encouraged that you do, since we won't know what you like and don't like through osmosis.

You all rock. Just had to say that. The link list to the left will be updated Sunday. I'm looking forward to it.

hoopty at 5:04:00 PM
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this site may be more popular than i think, but i still wanted to bring it to your attention.

if you're a parent - or know someone who is, or you're going to be one, or you enjoy web sites done with love and for love - this site is the epitome of wonderfulness.

he has a message board, populated by a small group of people (family and friends?). if you like what you see, you'd no doubt make a young father proud by posting something in his forum.

(okay - sometimes i'm mr. emotion. my little 'with love and for love' got me all teary).

cooties at 8:57:00 AM
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Thanks, gOdOfMiScHiEf!

A-list. If I heard that term once relating to weblogs, I'd heard it a hundred times. I made a post on my
blog about a-lists and a-listers. The g.O.M. posted an awesome story about the rise and fall of the a-list on his unbelievable blog I read that story and got pretty angry. Seemed to me that the A listers were very "full of themselves"! My next post went on and on and on about a-lists and b-lists.One thing led to another-------the red-headed step children of the blog world came together.

A new blog was born.

Theothercheek at 4:58:00 AM
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Thursday, December 06, 2001
Ya know Mike, at first I thought the link was some kind of joke. Then I thought the site was probably about one of the pony-girls one hears about in chatrooms? Ya know, girls that like to be whipped and bridled? But then I remember someone saying, "no porn." So, instead of sitting here wondering about your motivation, I just went to the site! Incredible how easy hyper-links make it for everyone. What I find interesting about sites like these in general, are the extents people will go to to add to a collection...of anything! I've never collected anything (well, except for alcoholics), and I've always been a little envious of the past-time. I have always meant to start of collection of nurse figurines, but I never did. Maybe if I ever left the house for purposes other than work, I might actually be in a store and find shit like that. Oh well. I still find it strange that you even knew about this site. It's just so unlike you. Or rather, unlike the you I think you are.

Tracy at 12:54:00 PM
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candy apple ponyshop

discovered this little gem some time ago. even got a mention in her blog. if you do graphics, you may recognize the interface immediately.

cooties at 8:17:00 AM
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Wednesday, December 05, 2001
Welcome to the last list you'll ever need!!

The Z-List

Hello, I'm a Z-Lister. I'd like to tell you about what it is we do and why we're doing it. We are a collection of people from around this bloggy fantasyland that want to get together and build a place where people like us....that would be you....would meet, share ideas.....y'know, everything in the travelogue. Anyway.....

What's a Z-List?
It's someplace for bloggers to go to post their site for viewing, get ideas from others, ask for help, leave ideas, leave help, or whatever. In other words, it's what you make it.

Who's on Z-list?
Right now it is the people that showed initial interest in it. Many of them have never seen each other's blogs, so this is a great example of a use for this site. If you're curious as to the type of people who are here, go ahead and browse the links to your left.

What's the cost?
Nothing. No hidden fees...no credit cards. Nothing. Zilch.

Where do I pick up one of those radical buttons that I've seen simply everywhere?
Over to the right are links to some, and more will come soon. We're button-happy.

Okay. Now what?
Well, after you've checked out (or not) some of the links, grabbed yourself a button and decided you wanted to join, go to the forum, sign up (don't worry, it's free) and put the link to your site there. If you have an EZ-Board account then you're already there. If you don't, it's really easy to start one. Just sign up. We'd love to see it, and we're going to update this front page in a timely fashion to get you on there. We're hoping to update it at least weekly, but if we get a bit behind, please don't hate us. We're just like you. (you don't really need a button on your page if you don't want one, but it would be cool if you did) So,
You register
You post
You're a Z-Lister

It's really that simple

Any rules?
Nothing aside from showing common courtesy to your fellow bloggers, diarists, writers, or whatever they prefer to be called. Oh, and no porn links please. We like to hear good things about other sites and people. And tell your friends.

Last Words?
Yes. The people who started this (cooties, Lori, hoopty, Tina, Jamie and Tracy) thank you for coming by. The forum link is near the top of the bar to your left.
Oh.....and please bookmark this site.

Thank you.

hoopty at 11:17:00 PM
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